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Notice of 9 episodes of Korean drama "strange Queen": Zhu Zhenmo expresses his love to he Zhiyuan

The Korean drama "strange Queen" tells the story of qiziao's daughter, who was killed by the king of Korea in her family, was consecrated to the yuan court as a Gaoligong girl. Through a series of court power struggles, she became the queen of the Yuan Dynasty from the humble tea lady.

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타환이 승냥에게 말을 거는 그때, 황태후가 다가와 타환을 박씨 처소로 데리고 간다. 왕유는 염병수의 목 검을 맞고 의식을 잃어가다 승냥의 모습이 환영으로 보인다. 누군가 황제의 승은을 입었다는 소문에 타 나실리는 고려인들을 소집한다. 타환은 빨래를 널러 가는 승냥을 따라가는데...

9: miss you... Miss you

When the Empress Dowager came to talk with chengniang, he took her to park's residence. Wang Yu was hit by Lian pingxiu's wooden sword and lost his consciousness. He saw chengniang in the mirage.

Hearing the rumor that someone was waiting on the emperor, tanasili called the Gaoli people together, and arranged to follow the chengniang, hellip, who was going to hang clothes;