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Episode 25: Ho Chi Yuan bid farewell to Zhu Zhenmo and go to Chi Changxu

Preview of 25 episodes of strange Queen:

Although Tuo (chi Changxu) says it at the moment of seeing qichengniang (he Zhiyuan), she lets Guduo (Zhao Zaiyun) keep a secret for the time being. Qichengniang tells Tuo why she went back to the palace.

Although qichengniang was hindered by Dana Shili, she calmly launched the competition of harem & hellip;

월화특별기획 [기황후] 25회

타환은 승냥을 보는 순간 말문이 트였지만 골타에게 당분간 비밀로 하라 이른다. 승냥은 타환에게 궁으 로 돌아오게 된 이유를 말한다.

승냥은 타나실리의 방해에