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How to use the foundation brush?

How do you use the foundation brush? How can you make the best makeup? How do you choose and use the foundation brush correctly? How can you use the foundation brush to make the perfect makeup?

How to choose a good foundation brush?

When you buy, keep in mind the following points, you can help you choose a good foundation brush.

1. Select the brush head first

The brush head of the foundation brush is flat, erect and elastic. Brush can not be too soft, too soft will cause foundation makeup. It should be hard, so that bristles can create pressure and make the foundation more suitable for skin.

2. Brush selection

The density of the brush is rich and thick. When makeup is applied, the foundation liquid can be clung to the skin and cover the blemishes. And can easily brush foundation liquid. The quality of foundation brush is about 4cm in width and 5-6cm in bristles. The bristles must be arranged in a ladder shape, with the longest in the center and shorter in the outer circle. The trapezoidal bristles can quickly melt the skin foundation with the skin, hide the pores and make the skin delicate. Synthetic fiber should be selected for bristles. The synthetic fiber foundation brush does not absorb water and has high elongation. The function of releasing the liquid foundation is strong. With the operation of the brush, a uniform liquid foundation is released, which does not accumulate waste liquid on the brush.

3. Then select the brush handle

The handle of the brush is round in the middle and slightly thinner at the top. This handle is more comfortable to use and has a fuller feel, so it is not easy to slide.

Correct use of foundation brush to create perfect makeup

Use the foundation brush to create light and thin makeup.

1. Basic skin moisturizing

Moisturizing skin is the base of natural makeup. Before moisturizing the skin, use moisturizing or moisturizing cream to replenish the skin and create the best quality skin.

2. Brush the cheek up

First squeeze the pea base liquid, place it on the tiger's mouth of the hand, dip it in a small amount of liquid foundation, start from the cheek, evenly brush the liquid from the center to the sides, from the bottom to the top. When it is brushed, it can not be gravitational, so as not to brush it across.

3. Brush the nose gently

Because of the nose part, the skin is fine and smooth. The angle of the base brush is 90° from around the nose to the nose, it can cover the pores on the nose. When the nose is brushed, the brush should be erected and can be brushed to the small position.

How to use the foundation brush to create light and spare makeup

4. Brush the forehead horizontally according to the texture

Forehead part from the center to both sides of the horizontal brush open, according to the skin texture brush, so there will be no wrinkles. The part near the bun should not be too thick to avoid color difference with the scalp.

5. Even the skin color of chin

The brush is 30° first dip in a small amount of liquid foundation and brush evenly from side to side. After brushing, brush the corners of the mouth. Then dip the brush into a small amount of liquid foundation, and press the position of the skin deep next to the corner of the mouth to achieve a uniform full face complexion.

6. The dark color marks the outline

Choose a liquid foundation with a depth of 2 than the skin color. From the zygomatic bone to the cheek, brush a circle evenly along the hairline junction. It has the effect of contracted contour. When you brush, you must notice that there is no obvious boundary, it will be dirty, and the connection between the cheek and neck should be brushed.

How to create flawless bottom makeup? How do you make foundation makeup?

7. absorb excess Foundation

Use a clean powder puff to cover the face from top to bottom, absorb the excess foundation liquid, enhance the tightness of the foundation and skin, and make the skin more transparent.

8. Make up

Use a large powder brush to dip a small amount of powder. Brush a thin layer of make-up from cheek to forehead, nose and chin in a large area. Do not use thick powder to show delicate skin.

How do you use the foundation brush? How can you make a good makeup with the correct steps of the bottom makeup?