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How to make all kinds of makeup on Halloween?

How to make all kinds of make-up for Hallows? Hallows is coming. Are you still worried about how to draw a novel and eye-catching make-up? It's better to draw a horror make-up or use a variety of colors to dazzle your face, which will be more brilliant and innovative. Whether it's heavy taste or dazzling, we'll offer you a new idea for your make-up for Hallows . Choose one that suits you.

Not everyone dares to try it. Scars, tusks, these can be used for reference from ghost movies. If you are strong enough in your heart, but this makeup is really difficult to draw. You need to have some art skills, or ordinary people can't make it.

Green creative makeup is also love for editors. It's really amazing. The green eye shadow is usually used very little. You never thought it could create such a beautiful and beautiful makeup.

This is also a thriller. It does not use some scars or small tusks, but the effect is not worse than that. The black eyeliner and eye shadow are necessary. It should open the inner corner of the eye, or deepen the contour of the eyeliner, or draw tear makeup under the eyes.

These three make-up styles are very popular with editors. They are too imaginative and hierarchical. But it's no good without artistic talent. It's really amazing to draw such eye makeup. It won't make people afraid, it will only make people fascinated.

Leopard makeup should be familiar to everyone, but also more popular recently.

Of course, you can try other colors boldly, purple, orange, red can draw new ideas.

If you think I can't draw so well, it doesn't matter, make up with the shape! Hope you are the most dazzling on Halloween.

Blue wave make-up, give people super dream feeling, think to the outer planet. Of course, this is not so easy to draw, you can simplify it, just have this feeling.

Animal make-up, this generally borrows some small hair accessories, according to the animal role you want to play, work hard on eye makeup and nose makeup, there is no sense of horror, there are some cute. Try it out!

Colorful make-up, this makes people feel warm, very spring feeling, with colorful warm colors to draw, you can add a little accessories, you can also spend a little petals, beautiful. Further deepened the eye color collision.