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How to make up a small face?

How to make up a thin face? Everyone loves a delicate face. No one wants to have a big pie face. But what's the way to do it? You can't operate easily. The risk is too big. In fact, have you ever thought that make-up can also thin face. Today let Xiaobian teach you some make-up skills, teach you how to make up thin face.

Tip 1: skillfully use foundation face

If you want to keep your face free from surgery, you can also achieve the effect of small face, so you should make good use of your foundation. A skilled foundation can make your face even thinner. Remember this formula: light color expands, dark color shrinks. Therefore, when we are doing the foundation work, we should use the light coloured foundation in the prominent T part, emphasize the stereoscopic effect of the facial features, and use a darker foundation in the cheeks, which will make the cheeks look thinner. In addition, we can also choose to use a circle of toner that is a little darker than the skin color around the face, which will make the face smaller and give people the impression of a small face.

Skill 2: high light shaving method

Do not think that only shadow can play the effect of cosmetic, in fact, high light is also OK. Therefore, when we make up, we should pay attention to apply high light on the nose and the part of the cheek close to the nose. This method can make your nose appear higher, and use the high light to make the face appear a small spherical face with high in the middle and low around.

Skill 3: eyebrow and small face

Eyebrow may have been tried by many beauties, but I don't know if you know that you can achieve the effect of small face by correcting eyebrows. Eyebrow shape has an effect on the shape of our face. If the eyebrows are drawn too long or too short, the outline of our face will look short and wide. For cake face mm, high eyebrow is the best choice to lengthen the face. High eyebrow height difference, as well as rising radian, is able to increase the three-dimensional sense of the face, let the whole person cool up.

Skill 4: thick eye makeup to divert the eyes

A pair of watery big eyes can always attract people's eyes, so why do we use this key point to create a delicate and deep eye makeup to draw everyone's attention to the eyes, so as to reduce the attention to the face shape. Generally speaking, blue Eyeshadow will make people's eyes look slender. Therefore, MM with the best face should choose blue eye shadow, focus on the lower eyelids, and use brown eye shadow as high gloss to create shadows for the eyes. In addition, if you are better, then you can choose to dip in a small amount of sequins eye shadow, lightly brush it in the corner of the eye and the brow bone.

Tip five: cheek with blush.

In addition to making our faces look better, blush can also play a role in modifying facial shapes. First of all, we should choose the location of blush, first use makeup pen to connect eyebrow peak and eye drop vertically, and the junction point with cheekbones is the central point of blush, and this point can be said to be the most concentrated color position. If we don't want to be so troublesome, we can also judge by the laughing muscles. That is, when you smile, the highest point of the cheek is the center of the blush, and the area is in front of the ear to the temples. This height is very important, because if the blush is smeared too high, it will be easy to shocking people. If it is too low, it will make the face more inflated and show the shortcomings of our big face.

Skill 6: flaming red lips and small face

The bright lipstick color originally has the function of showing thin, but also can carry on the fine function to the skin texture, and is to increase the three-dimensional feeling of the lips. The rose lipstick is a sharp tool to modify the face shape, because it can make the lip shape appear Fuller, increase the sense of lip presence, and make the face look smaller.