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How does colorful makeup show autumn romance?

How does 2011 colorful make-up show autumn romance? The upper eyelids are dyed with red, the lower eyelids are sparked with blue, the black lower eyelashes make the make-up more dense, and the light pink lips neutralize the overall strong feeling. Let's enjoy the charm of colorful makeup!

1、 Colorful but different temperament

1. Blue, gold, black + Red

Eye makeup with blue, gold, black halo dyed smoked makeup, red lips and cool model style, a kind of loli sweet sexy.

2. Black and white interlaced + orange red

The black and white interlaced stereo eye liner is especially eye-catching, matching collocation with orange red lips to brighten the tonality of the overall makeup.

3. coloured geometric pattern eye liner + nude make-up

Nude make-up collocation is very offbeat. Then you can create geometric figures. At this point, you need to do subtraction. Matching with naked makeup will not make the whole overly complicated. 4. Red + Blue + Pink

The upper eyelids are dyed with red, while the lower eyelids are sparked with blue. The black lower eyelashes make the makeup more dense. The light pink lips neutralize the overall strong feeling.

2、 Make up for ever

The image of smoky tide

Smoke is no longer just black and gray, smoke eyes are full of color, change, cascade, staggered, can be different and atmosphere! Smoke can be colorful, green quiet, blue modern, brown warm, purple elegant!

3、 Say yes

1. If the transparency of the base makeup is high, clear and light enough, the gorgeous color will not appear too eye-catching when it appears on the pale and cold skin color, and the bright and gorgeous color will be easy to perform.

2. Cool skin can try to choose blue and pink, or violet red, teal green and bright green to match the color.

3. Color is easy to appear on pale skin. The same color has different effect on white and black faces, which is the same reason. So if it's daily make-up, just use multi color to highlight one part of the face, and keep the other parts natural.

4、 How about it

Step1: it is a very good method to put the foundation on one side, beat it on one side, and push it outwards. It is a very good method. The effect is natural and the method is simple.

Step 2: left cheek, right cheek and forehead are three areas. We should pay attention to whether the junction of each area can be painted evenly and whether it is naturally fused together. For the thin foundation, we need to rely on the actual feeling of fingers.

Step 3: the middle finger should be used for the small parts such as the alar of the nose, the corner of the mouth and the corner of the eyes, and the method of gently beating should be adopted. These parts are the most visible parts of wrinkles. If they are not carefully painted, it is easy to reveal the traces of foundation.