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How to make purple makeup in autumn?

How to make purple make-up in autumn? Autumn is always misunderstood as bleak season. This issue introduces you to the purple make-up with deep eyes in early autumn of 2011, which is about to ignite your magical amorous feelings.

This make-up leads the autumn and winter purple trend, incomparable sexy and sharp, but without losing the noble and introverted, this autumn and winter who can resist such charm!

Step 1: flexible and infinite fascination

This autumn, your indispensable Mascara --Max Factor purple limited edition dense Eye Mascara, inspired by Pat McGrath master's "eyelash makeup" designed at the international T stage, is meant to be "full love for each eyelash".

usage method:

1. Gently turn the mascara brush head and brush rod part into 60º ~70º prevent mascara from being infected with other skin in the process of using.

(2) evenly apply mascara from the bottom of the eyelash to the bottom of the eyelash.

③ Stand up the tip of the brush head and brush the root of each eyelash lightly.

Of course, it is far from enough to express the love for each eyelash. A layer of mascara is not enough. The two or three layer mascara is the trend of the season.

Step 2: soul stirring blue eye makeup

usage method:

(1) the blue colored Eyeliner outlines the deep outline of the eyes along the inner eyeliner.

Second, create the outer shadow area with the dark blue of silky and double colored eye shadow.

3. Dip in a small amount of coloured paint and prolong the Eyeshadow. It not only makes your eyes look longer, but the silver luster is also a strong attraction for your eyes.

Three points define the outline of the upper shadow area -- the eye head is located at the extension line of the corner of the eye and two-thirds of the brow=“ " target="_ The eye tail should be located on the extension line of the eyebrow tail, which is a little lower than the eye. After you have identified a good area, you can only gently remove your Eyeshadow in your eye socket so that you can easily enjoy the magic charm of unique style.

If you want to be the most dazzling queen of Party, then use white coloured eyeliner to brighten your eyes. All eyes will soon be on your charm.

Step 3: delicate lips and delicate cheeks

After making the foundation makeup, the middle finger and ring finger are covered with the tactile feel of the rouge cream and gently sweep along the zygomatic bone to the temple for 45 degrees.

Finally, gently apply a layer of silky lip gloss, its gentle temperament can instantly avoid eye makeup to bring too sharp feeling, add a trace of charming femininity.