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Clever lipstick color to enhance skin brightness

Beauty tips: in color makeup, color matching is particularly important, whether it is warm color, cold color, or color contrast, as long as you can master the basic color matching rules, even if there is no master level color makeup skills, you can also match an excellent makeup. Today we will teach you how to use lip gloss and lip gloss to modify your complexion, and make your skin white by ingenious lipstick color.

Colorful lipstick and lip gloss, how should I choose?

Yellow skin color should choose the color of lip gloss: suitable for orange or brown lipstick with yellow tone (warm tone). Try a multi-layer, soft lipstick. But be careful not to use the pink lip gloss with blue color (cold color) that will make your face look ugly.

Red skin color should choose the color of lip gloss: suitable for hair color effect is good, bright color lip color. When smearing, it is not necessary to blur the contour line, so that the lip appears clear and clear is the best policy.

White skin color should choose the color of lip gloss: suitable for bright orange, or pink and other bright colors. The central part of the lips is smeared with a little thick, and the surrounding parts are faint and open, creating a delicate and charming soft lips. Lip gloss that is too light can make you look listless, so don't use it.

Dark complexion should choose the color of lip gloss: suitable for selection or strong or light color, in order to create a vivid impression. In addition, the use of gold or pearlescent powder lip gloss, can show the full personality. Never use neutral colors.

Lip makeup tips: if you are mature women, you can choose a slightly darker color lip makeup products suddenly mature and stable feeling.

Orange lip makeup demo

Jump lively orange is very suitable for white skin mm use, in the color contrast, your skin color will become more white and transparent. But the skin color is darker mm try to avoid using, otherwise it will only make the skin color look more dark, so it is also a lip makeup color system of very picky skin color.

The orange lip makeup products used include these: lip gloss with lip gloss, foundation lip gloss, and lip liner for lip fullness.

How to makeup?

Step 1: use the lip line to outline the lip shape to make it full and full of three-dimensional feeling.

Step2: apply the lip brush or lip balm evenly to the entire lip.

Step 3: in order to make the lips full of water and luster, finally apply the same color lipstick.