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How to have a delicate face

How to thin face and say goodbye to big cake face? Many beauty lovers will achieve the purpose of thin face through makeup. A big cake face and fat double chin will make you look fat and ugly. So how to have a delicate face?

Eye and eye: long Eyeshadow

Eyes: long Eyeshadow

To make your eyes bigger, make eye shadow more than eye tail, for example, draw 3 to 5 millimeters of eye tail. Many people like to cover their cheekbones and love to wear hair. But wearing high neckties and scarves in autumn and winter will show bloated hair. If you master the eye shadow skills and draw thicker eyelashes, you can boldly pull up your hair.

Key point 2: lips: pearlescent

Lips: pearlescent

Natural mouth small can use the lip line with pearlescent stroke lip type, and then use the lip line pen to fill the lips vertically, so the lip lines will be shallow. Then put on the glossy lipstick to make the lips look more cocky. The mouth is too small to choose the flesh pink close to the skin color. Using a dark lipstick will only make the mouth and face more visible.

Key three, blush: round brush.

Blush: round brush.

Blush is lovely and looks round. In this regard, the makeup artist suggests choosing a thick round brush, which can make the makeup scope larger and lighter, and the boundary with the skin is not obvious. In fact, the key to thin face makeup is to make up a larger area, and the rest of it will be smaller, so the face will look thin.

Using hair to shape your face

Finally, appropriate use of hair to decorate the face shape can also make you become a small face MM Oh. Long face eyebrows are suitable for thick and long bangs, reducing the length of the face. It is better for short face eyebrows to show their forehead clearly and cover their face with bangs. Square face is suitable for keeping long waves to cover the cheeks. If you are born with a melon seed face, then congratulations, take good advantage of heaven's reward, and let your beauty bloom.