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How to draw transparent makeup in spring

How to draw transparent makeup in spring? Youth vitality transparent makeup painting steps! It's not easy to draw a good makeup, especially transparent makeup. How does transparent makeup look best? Understand the steps and skills of painting transparent makeup, and simply draw it.

1. Base makeup

If you want to paint a transparent makeup full of youth and vitality, the first step is to create a natural, clear and good skin texture. Use the texture of the powder to create the bottom makeup. In order to make the foundation evenly, use tiny wet sponge to circle the surface of the foundation, then evenly spread it on the face, then get the natural and bright skin texture.

2. Skin

When using dark powder to shape the natural facial contour, choose the rouge with brighter color, sweep it around the apple muscle with a cosmetic brush, and then slide to the hairline, so that the soft color can set off the fresh cheeks.

3. Eye makeup

Eyes are the key to the painting of transparent makeup. The relationship between transparent makeup and eyeliner is quite different. Simple lines and bright colors make your eyes shine. First use the Eyeliner (preferably the liquid eyeliner) to draw the eyeliner along the upper eyelash root. The lower Eyeliner should be slightly dizzy at the end of the eye, or even be omitted.

Choose the bright and white eye shadow paste as the base color, evenly spread the entire socket, and extend the white eye shadow paste to the inner corner to make the eyes bright.

Then choose the cold eye shadow paste as the highlight color, bright color and metallic texture to make the eyes clean and refreshing. Finally, use the thick mascara to coat the upper and lower eyelashes, highlighting the deep and blurred eyes.

Use a small eyebrow brush to dip in brown eyebrow powder and gently sweep out the outline of the eyebrows. The eyebrows can be appropriately drawn thicker and straighter, so that the eyebrows are full of young frankness.

4. Lip makeup

Young and energetic makeup does not need to deliberately change the lip color. Apply transparent lip gloss on your lips to show the moisture and nature of your lips in the sun.

In fact, painting transparent makeup is very simple. As long as you master the steps and skills of painting transparent makeup, nothing can embarrass you who love beauty!