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How to remove makeup and protect skin in winter? Make up remover makes skin more hydrated

How to remove makeup and protect skin in winter? Make up remover makes skin more hydrated! Many of us don't pay attention to makeup removal. In fact, makeup removal must not be ignored, especially in winter. If you don't pay attention to makeup removal, your skin will be more dry. Teach you winter makeup removal tips to keep your skin moist and not dry.

Winter makeup remover Tips 1: first use a hot towel for hot compress

The cold temperature will lock the pores. If the pores cannot be fully opened during makeup removal and cleaning, the cleaning work will not be complete. You can first apply a hot towel to your face to help open your pores. This is a small skin care step that we can easily add when removing makeup in winter.

Winter makeup remover tips 2: makeup remover oil or summer

The cleansing power of makeup remover oil is strong, but if you use it to remove makeup in dry winter, it will not avoid killing and hurting too much, and wash off the grease on the normal sebum film. The skin loses oil protection, and the dry feeling immediately rushes onto the face.

You can choose makeup remover products, which can also effectively remove makeup, but they are much milder in nature.

Winter makeup removal tips 3: control makeup removal time

If you don't have a deep hatred with yourself, remember not to take off your makeup and rub it for too long. Even mild makeup removers will cause dry skin if they are cleaned and massaged for a long time. Generally, according to personal conditions, compared with the mirror, if the make-up has been dissolved, it can be cleaned.

Winter makeup remover Tips 4: moisturizing toner on standby

It happens that your dry skin, no matter how careful you remove makeup, will still encounter a dry emergency, so use the moisturizing toner sparingly. Before using cream, the other function of toner is "transition". It can relieve the skin from drying quickly.

After mastering these makeup removal methods and skills, your skin will be more moist and shiny, and will not be infringed by cosmetics!