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How does bubble eye change double eyelid big eye?

How does bubble eye change double eyelid big eye? Do you have meat wrapped eyes? Is bubble eye very depressed? Want to have big eyes? How to turn a bubble into a charming big eye? Teach you two ways to turn a single eyelid bubble eye into a double eyelid big eye!

Widening paste method

This kind of sticking method is aimed at the inner double of the eye fold or the single eyelid with thick eyelid fat. This kind of eye type uses the ordinary sticking method, which can not provide enough support. Even if it can support the double eyelid just put it on, it will be pressed back in a little blink. So it is necessary to use an extreme sticking method. Although my eyes are swollen, there are still double eyelid eye folds, so my sticking is a little unnatural, But if it's the eyelid situation I mentioned earlier, I'll try this method

In this method, the crescent paste with obvious radian shall be used, but the arc shall be reversed, that is, the tips of the two crescent faces up and the arc faces down

Red is the eye fold line of the small ink itself. When pasting this kind of, the eyelid will press the eye fold a little, and then lean up ~ pay attention! The eyelid patch is sticky upside down. Oh ~ it becomes a barb

Daily paste method

Tools: Dachuang double eyelid patch + a pair of small tweezers + mirror

This kind of paste method small ink chooses the fine style ha! Compared with the general crescent shape on the market, the shape of this tape is different. The eye head is wide and the eye tail is narrow, so it basically does not need to be trimmed and can be pasted directly. The position of the eye head can effectively support the eyelids because of the shape. The made eyelids are very soft and beautiful. As long as they are pasted along the natural eye fold line, they can make the effect of opening the eyes, There is no need to adjust. This adhesive tape is very sticky. When sticking, it will automatically adsorb onto the skin.

As shown in the figure, the red line is the natural eye fold line, and the green line is the tape range. The correct method of Dachuang tape should be that the wide end faces the eye head

Have you learned how to apply these two kinds of eyelid patches? There are more ways to turn small eyes into big eyes and single eyelids into double eyelids. Continue to pay attention!