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How to draw gorgeous gold makeup in winter

3 minutes quick make-up method, how to draw gorgeous gold makeup in winter? Christmas is coming, you don't need to spend too much time on make-up, you can also draw a beautiful and fashionable make-up to make up the appearance. Use 3 minutes to draw a gorgeous and fashionable gold makeup, hold this winter!

Light gold eye collocation with natural lips, two roses Rose Blush as a decoration. The Queen's style does not necessarily have to be impressive. This kind of makeup, which is faint but contains infinite power, can make a deep impression inadvertently.


Apply golden eye shadow to eye socket and eyebrow peak. Then use dark brown as an eyeliner and carefully draw it on the base of the eyelash. The lower eyelid starts with a golden eye shadow from the inside of the head. From the outside of the lower eyelid to the center of the eyeball, draw the brown eyeliner, the inner corner of the eye to the eyeball, and draw the shining golden eye liner. Finally, brush the thick curly mascara.


Choose golden eye shadow as a rich and colorful protagonist, and radiate it from eye to eye. You can not choose dark eyeliner, so choose golden brown eyeliner is more appropriate, eye tail to extend some. Remember to use golden Eyeliner as well.

The superposition of blush is gorgeous enough.


In the apple muscle position, the rosy colored blush around the cheekbone ring the way to smear on the side of the extension. Next, in the place of blush, add a layer of golden dressing powder to enhance the stereoscopic effect.


If you can't find golden blush or dressing powder, choose pink blushes with golden particles. Small editorial recommendation: draw eye liner 4 kinds of paintings, double eyelid makeup and no dizzy dyeing skills.

3 minutes quick make-up method, how to draw gorgeous gold makeup in winter? women's make-up teaches you quick make-up skills, how to draw golden eye makeup? How to draw the perfect blush and how to paint the gorgeous golden makeup in winter!