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What is the function of honey powder? Why use honey powder in winter makeup

What is the function of honey powder? Why use honey powder for winter makeup? After making up in winter, many people don't like to use honey powder. In winter, skin secretes less oil, so honey powder is omitted. In dry winter, the role of honey powder is very important. Make up in winter is inseparable from honey powder!

The killer of fog and Harbin in winter

It's always foggy in winter. Even if there is no fog, the temperature outside is low and the temperature inside is high. It's hard to avoid that the air around the eyes will be puffed. Before painting the eyeshadow, a little honey powder is put around the eyes. The honey powder is colorless, and the loading effect is fresher than that of the dry powder. It does not increase the thickness of eye makeup. In addition, we often draw a good eyeliner, with an eyelash clip, the eyeliner is stuck by the eyelash clip half of the painful experience. At this time, dip the finger tip with a little honey powder, apply to the eyelash clip and eye reason four: shape the face of three-dimensional skin contact metal sheet, can solve this trouble well.

For oily skin mm absorb oil, anti dust

Oily muscle mm is always full of oily all year round. In addition to oil absorbent paper, honey powder is actually a good choice. Oil absorbing paper can only absorb oil, but it does not modify the effect of skin color. But once the powdery paste with strong adhesion is unavoidable, there will be heavy sense of makeup. Compared with the powder, you will find that the powder of the honey powder is loose, fine powder, low density and high transmittance, which means that even after the honey powder, there will be no heavy sense of makeup, but it will give your face a semi gloss effect of velvet. It will bring comfortable touch and refreshing impression to the oily skin MM.

Create a three-dimensional face

Some MM people have such doubts to honey powder, why to use honey powder or full face oily? That's actually because you chose the honey powder with pearlescent effect. If it is pearlescent effect of honey powder, really not suitable for use in the whole face. It is used to brush on the bridge of nose, forehead and the tip of chin to create an extra three-dimensional sense of the face. In the places where there is no need to highlight, we should choose matte honey powder. There is also a color of honey powder, such as purple, pink, blue, they and make-up before the base cream, a slight adjustment of skin color. Although not obvious, but also need to be careful when using, partition and a small amount of powder.

Increase makeup durability

This is one of the most cognitive functions of honey powder. Goods are available in all varieties. After you start from the makeup, the foundation is covered with cream, blemish, blush and eye shadow. After finishing a complete makeup, you will find the nectar powder necessary. After smearing almost all liquid base cream and liquid foundation, a small amount of powdery powder that lightly flapping on it plays a role of fixing. It makes eye shadow blush in the original position, not because of your facial expression makeup, nor will you touch your face slightly, stick to the foundation of a hand. Use the pressing technique to apply makeup on a large area and a small amount of powder. Dip the powder into the powder puff, and then press it on the finished make-up. Avoid to use daub way by all means, this can make flower original makeup.

What is the function of honey powder? Why use honey powder for winter makeup? female make-up teaches you winter make-up skills and steps.