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What makeup techniques do you have for makeup in winter? How to use foundation in winter?

What make-up skills do you have in winter? How do you use foundation in winter? It's cold and windy in winter. There are many skin problems in the makeup process. How to fix the problem of the unfinished clothes and the skin, and teach you to make up the makeup skills of the bottom makeup, and make good use of the foundation to paint the bottom makeup.

One tip: foundation brush and finger joint use.

Don't just use the foundation brush. You must use the foundation brush and fingers to make the face have many details. The skin is also very uniform, like the sides of the alar, the corner of the eye, the lip, and the mandible. These parts are not only easy to get oil, but also easy to get stuck and take off makeup. The foundation brush can handle the bottom makeup very frivolous, but there is a problem is that the details of the local brush after finishing, if do not do exquisite pressing or temperature treatment, these positions will soon float powder, and cause makeup disjointed. It is suggested that after using the foundation brush to do a large area of the primer, the position of the finger must be pressed in the local position to ensure that the bottom makeup and the overall makeup are more complete.

Tip 2: sponge is very useful

The magic effect of sponge every girl should have a moist sponge. In this way, not only can the surplus powder be taken away better when the foundation treatment is carried out, but also the foundation can be kept moist because of the moisture content in the moist foundation. Many girls are lazy to use sponges, relying on their fingers to complete the bottom make-up, sometimes causing the bottom make-up is not solid. Learn to use sponge postprocessing foundation to make the bottom makeup more compact and stable.

Knack three: the thickness of foundation should be kept consistent.

The thickness of the foundation should be kept consistent. Many women think that the light primer can be properly coated when covering the local problems. But there is another problem. The thin and uneven makeup is long time after the makeup, that is, the thin part will soon be absorbed by the skin to reveal the original color, while the thicker Concealer is thicker and the color disappear slowly. Therefore, there will be a contradiction between the color of the covered part and the exposed skin color, causing the problem of uneven color yo. Therefore, when dealing with the relationship between thin and cover, we should follow the uniformity of large color blocks, that is, do not blindly cover, or blindly thin. The relationship between skin and foundation is very delicate. What we need to deal with together is that the nature of liquid and liquid, ointment and paste is basically the same as that of bottom makeup. The foundation liquid corresponds to the concealer liquid and the foundation cream corresponds to the concealer. So even bottom makeup is important.

Knack four: ice in powder makeup

When the powder is used to make up the ice, the powder puff is placed on the side of the refrigerator for a few minutes. When the cold powder puff is used to cover the foundation, it can make the skin compact and delicate. After the foundation fluid or foundation program is applied, sponge is gently pressed on the face and gently pressed to make the foundation liquid and facial skin highly fit.

Tip 5: the connection of base makeup is very important

Special attention should be paid to the connection of base make-up of each part. It is impossible for us to start work together, so the connection of base make-up is very important. Left and right cheek, forehead and other parts need to be carefully smeared and color convergence. Because the color of our face is sometimes not very uniform, so the color of the base make-up should be able to make sure that every part can be applied. Otherwise, if some parts are not handled properly, there will be a sense of mask, such as the hair line, eyebrow area, ear root area, the junction of chin and neck. When these parts are well smeared, I think the perfect and complete natural base makeup will be beautiful.

What make-up skills do you have in winter? How do you use foundation in winter? women's make-up teaches you how to make up your bottom makeup in winter, making your bottom makeup more comfortable!