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How to tie shoulder length curly hair? How to tie shoulder length curly hair

How to tie shoulder curls? How to tie shoulder curls! Shoulder curls are lovely and sweet. They are deeply loved by lovely mm. How to tie shoulder curls is more beautiful? The editor teaches you how to tie shoulder curls and how to take care of shoulder curls!

Shoulder length curls

This shoulder length curly hairstyle has natural and heavy bangs, as well as fluffy curls, especially fluffy hair, which is perfect for round face and long face . Then there is the fluffy hair tail, as well as the slight warping or involution, which all look so natural and have the effect of modifying the face shape forward as a whole. If you have a lot of hair, it will look good to make this hairstyle.

Sweet short curly hair

This shoulder length curly hair starts to be slightly curled and fluffy at the ear, so even girls with small hair need not worry about it. With the sweet bangs, you can turn into a Barbie doll immediately. If you dye the light hair color, the whole hair will look more airy.

Inside curl

The round face shape is very suitable for soft, natural and fluffy hairstyle. It can not only give people the feeling of a girl next door, but also create a sweet image at once due to the subtle changes caused by the slightly curly hair tail compared with the straight hair. When we make this hairstyle, we make the end of the hair curl slightly to make it look more natural, and the fluffy Qi Banghai brush under the eyebrows, showing a beautiful arc.

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