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How to tie a horsetail with straight hair

How to tie a ponytail with straight hair? Is it nice to tie a ponytail with straight hair? Many hairstyles like to cut straight hair with bangs, such as ball head, pear head, bud head and even the simplest hairstyle ponytail. Straight hair with bangs is more suitable. Sihai net small make up to teach you how to tie straight hair horsetail, how to tie horsetail!

Step 1: straight hair and ponytail look pure, so a long straight hair is the most suitable for ponytail. It's also suitable to make the ion perm straight hair and keep the bangs together, so straight hair is the first step to tie the bangs and ponytail together!

Step 2: use hair wax to make soft hair, so that the hair looks glossy and easy to comb. Pull the straightened hair from both sides and tail to the lower part of the head.

Step 3: fix your hair with a hairring, and remember to tie your ponytail high, because it looks fresh and fashionable, and then tidy your ponytail.

Step4: if the hair ring is exposed, it may look rustic. You can hold a handful of hair and wrap it around the hair ring to cover the hair ring. It's more fashionable and personalized!

The whole ponytail is finished. The most important thing is to make the bangs fluffy. It looks more natural. At the same time, it's lively and fashionable to comb the straight hair ponytail neatly!

Straight hair horsetail is so simple, straight hair horsetail is still very good-looking, come and have a try!