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How to design medium and short hair pear flower head

2011 medium and short hair pear flower head, how to design medium and short hair pear flower head. Short and medium hair pear head hairstyle design has become the favorite hairstyle of girls in the transition from short hair to medium and long hair stage. It can be tied into a crooked horsetail and slightly side to side with a bang. All kinds of short and medium hair pear head are natural and fresh!

It follows the slanting bangs of pear flower head. It is very sweet. The brown hair color matches with the lovely bangs. The mid long hair over the shoulder is slightly curled at the tail to form a beautiful curve. It looks like a sweet and romantic doll. In addition to the dress up of flower skirt, it is sweet and gentle to the extreme. It is absolutely the favorite female hairstyle of male students.

In 2011, the upgraded version of "lihuatou" is different from the curly hair tail in the past. It emphasizes the random feeling of disorder and nature.

Short pear blossom hairstyle, with natural bending and relaxation, has always been the favorite of fashion girls.

Both sexy and elegant fluffy short hair, modify the face at the same time also add gentle temperament, whether young girls or young mature women are suitable Oh!

Not so docile pear head with random messy feeling, gray brown hair dye is perfect. Occasionally partial bangs can also get rid of the impression of traditional pear head.

Full of retro style curly bangs and curly Sexy Hair Tips, help you immediately turn into a pretty girl in the 1960s.

The long pear flower head is more prominent than the short pear flower head, and the slightly curled hair tail adds a touch of flexibility to the ordinary straight hair style. With the current popular split style, it has more lady temperament. This kind of design is more suitable for the goose face beauty.

The layered medium long curly hair and the natural micro curved radian make the face shape more exquisite and give off a fresh little woman flavor.

Flax pear head and soft curl make this design well received, irregular curl is a change of pear head. Mm of short stature can choose pear flower head actually, appear fashionable foreign style, fresh feeling is full. -