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According to different hairstyles, how to blow more style? What are the blowing skills?

How to blow your hair according to different hairstyles? What are the skills? Let me teach you how to blow your hair!

Trendy point one, no slit, disheveled short hair

In 2008, short hair is still optimistic, but the casual sense of no seam is more prominent, and the air permeability between hair is stronger. The focus of blow molding should be on bangs.

Backstage blowing method: changing the direction of bangs and side blowing

1. Use your hands to stir the hair on the top of your head, and the air duct blows from the bottom to the top a little far away: note that the hairstylist's treatment of the hair on the top of the head of short hair models is very casual, but has a sense of design: use the posture of 'dragon claw hand' to stir the hair while pulling the hair root upward, knead it at will, and blow it from the bottom to the top, which will create the overall sense of air.

2. We must ignore the dividing line of bangs: when blowing, many people are used to blowing according to the dividing line of bangs, which will remain unchanged for a hundred years, or as soon as they pick up the hair dryer, they are used to blowing their hair back from the root, thinking that their hair will be fluffy. I don't know if you pay attention to the fact that the direction of the bangs of Xiao s is often changed, because if the bangs are blown in one direction all the time, one side of the hair will collapse a little. If you blow back, the hair flow on the top of the head is easier to split in two. So don't care about the dividing line when blowing. Blowing from both sides will make the hair root more fluffy.

Trend point 2: real hair should be made according to wig with a little banter

In London Fashion Week in 2006, many models appeared on the stage wearing wigs. Next year, the most fashionable hairstyle is real hair like wigs. The hair dryer should cooperate with the electric splint to make the fiber feeling of the hair.

Background blowing tips: spray and weak wind blowing wig texture

1. When blowing, use moisturizing and hair spray. Before modeling, the hairstylist will use some spray products to adjust the hair to the best condition. Then the hair will be closed by the hairpin, so that the hair smoothness will be significantly improved.

2. If you want to blow 80% dry and then use splint, you can get a sense of luster. If you want to blow 80% dry, you can keep moisture and lustrous. Then use ceramic splint to straighten or roll the part to create fiber texture. It's best to use a constant temperature hair dryer with negative ions, which can reduce rashness and static electricity, and make your hair glossy.

3. The hairdresser's hair dryer with diffuser is most suitable for unskilled people. The hot air is evenly distributed, the heating surface is wider, and the hair is not easy to be injured. In addition, when blowing to the end of the hair, do not loosen the comb or remove the hand immediately after removing the air outlet, and stop for a few seconds Blow it elsewhere, it will last longer.

Trend point 3: long hair with more sense of design

In 2008, the classic long hair has a more sense of design. For example, the top of the head is smooth and the side of the face is slightly covered, and the collision makes the hair more vivid. You should know how to divide the air intelligently.

The secret of backstage blowing: changing blowing skills partially

1. It's not easy to blow out a sense of hierarchy in long hair, but the hairdresser at Givenchy show told us that the more long hair is zoned, the less careless it is. Like the shape on the T stage, they will divide N different effect areas. The hair on both sides of the cheeks and cheeks will be divided into the front. The hair will be neat with the soft spray, while the hair in the rear part of the brain will be bulky and the hair close to the neck should be blown to the top with the round comb or clip board to make it radiant.

2. Twist small strands of hair, will make the hollow sense of hair: twist the surface of the hair to create a small arc, so that the inner layer of the hair faintly out, will make the hair more linear. Pay attention to take the hair bundle to thin, half dry when tightening, and then blow dry.

Trend point 4, weight hair tail

Weight sense hair tail is still next year's favorite, and more exaggerated, more and more downward curvature to the top of the hair. Before blowing, it's better to practice how to make a roll. After rolling, it's better to avoid dredging fingers and hold them up to dry.

Backstage blowing tip: hold up the end of the hair to blow

1. Hair dryer preheating, easier to curl: many people's hair is relatively hard, curled for a long time, but the radian quickly disappeared. At this time, just like the Versace hairstylist does, curl the hair, fix it with a hairpin, heat it slightly with a hair dryer, wait for the hair to cool naturally, and curl it with magic.

2. Hand hair curl drying: this hairstyle most avoid using a single row comb from top to bottom, which will make the hair tail curl deformation, and the upper part of the hair will stick to the scalp. Hold up the hair tail by hand and dry it while grasping. The middle part of the hair blows parallel to the side.

Trend point 5, texture feeling stronger dish hair

From the YSL show, it can be seen that next year's coiling hair seems to be more interested in the texture of combing, and has a kind of wet texture. When using mouth gel and other brightening products, you can stabilize the hairstyle by blocking blowing.

Backstage blowing method: blowing needs protective layer

Interlayer blowing, to avoid hairiness: after finishing the texture of the coiling hair, if you need to fix the hairstyle, you can, like the hairstylist in YSL backstage, blow through the fabric with good air permeability and weak wind, which can not only avoid hairiness, but also fix it.