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How do DIY parties make you more elegant?

How DIY party hair let you more elegant? Smart girl must learn to hair DIY Oh, today Xiaobian bring three girls hair, lovely bud ball head, elegant hair, and playful half hair, how to create the best look?

The most elegant party girl's hair dressing

The key points of a girl's hairstyle with super small face effect are the C-shaped curve of bangs, the C-shaped protrusion of hair at the back and the certain curvature of hair at the side.

Building method:

First, use a comb to make the hair look more fluffy, then tie it up. Curl the bangs and the side hair out of a certain arc with an electric curling stick.

Simple girl's versatile hair binding method

This girl's hair is very versatile, whether it's a reference party or a street photo, traveling or dating with him. The design of oblique bangs shows the taste of fresh and elegant little women, and the bun is gently tied up, which makes the hairstyle simple and convenient, and the intellectual charm of little women.

Building method:

First tie a ponytail, then curl the hair inward, finally fix it with a hairpin, and then wear hair accessories.

Finish the side and back effect of hairstyle

Lovely energetic girl Zhafa

Girls can not miss the ball head tie method, any girl should learn. This kind of girl's ball with long bangs shows lovely and energetic playfulness. The loose bun on the top of the head and the curly hair on the cheek create beautiful lines and send out a soft little feminine flavor.

Side and back effect of hairstyle

Building method:

First, tie a ball on the top of your head, and then roll the hair on the side with a curling stick.