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How to create a cute Japanese hairstyle?

Do you want to create your own hair style? Do you want Japanese style? How to create a lovely japanese hairstyle? Looking at other people's perfect and lovely hairstyles, have you ever thought that you should also have an enviable hairstyle! Don't worry, take a look at the lovely japanese hairstyle that Xiaobian brings you!

The sweet long curly hair is pulled to one side, and the color of the candy hair shows the elegant temperament.

No bangs of high pull bud head of MM's favorite Oh! Snow white skin, lovely hair immediately create a sweet image of the princess!

Qi Liuhai's pear flower head is not very cute, fleshy face girl quickly try it! Can thin face Oh!

Half round thin bangs, pull to the back of the head of the gentle hair, with a sweet smile, show elegant temperament.

Messy feeling, bud curled, the middle of the micro volume of long bangs wrapped around the cheek, with lovely hair hoops, cute department full of flavor!

Lovely and soft bangs can cover up the forehead and modify the face shape. The spiral roll of falling shoulders and pink makeup are fresh and charming.

Oblique long bangs hanging behind the ears, high up horsetail cool lovely.

Brown and chestnut medium long curly hair creates an easy-going and graceful soft posture. The thick and round bangs make a natural impression, weakening the overall excessive sweetness and creating a more sweet and moving charm.

High pull horsetail, straightforward and neat, bring the girl's pure beauty and vitality, spiral hair more sweet and lovely!