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What hair style is suitable for long face? How to create fresh short hair?

What hair style is suitable for long face? How to create fresh short hair? What short hair style is suitable for long face girls? The long hair curls all over the street will make people tired of vision. If you change into a fresh short hair style, you will be attracted much attention.

Sihai Xiaobian recommends several short hairstyles for you. These are the most popular hairstyles in 2011. They are not only fresh and beautiful, but also suitable for girls with long face. The exquisite hairstyle design can modify the long face well.

Bright long face and short hair

Fresh and eye-catching hair dye effect, on this long face girl's short hair, very fresh and eye-catching, feminine charm, straight down the face edge hair, along the cheek to make a beautiful arc curl, very good to decorate the cheek, long bangs effectively converge the length of the face, create a beautiful small face effect, gently cut thin bangs hair tip, light and agile, highlight the bright eyes of the water moist aura.

With bright golden brown hair and curved sides of the face, it is very beautiful and elegant.

Long face and short hair

Wine red is the more popular color of hair dye this year. It is dazzling and eye-catching. It can shift the visual focus and make people pay no attention to the lines with a long face. However, the hair on the top of the head can be treated with fluffy effect to gradually enrich and ventilate the whole head shape, increase the volume feeling of hair style, so as to achieve the effect of trimming long face.

Qier's short hair, sprite's dynamic girlish flavor.

Elegant girl short hair

This elegant girl's short hair inherits the versatile effect of Bob's head. It's not only suitable for women with long faces, but also for girls with other faces. Long bangs hair, covering the forehead, with the side hair covering the ears, small face effect is first-class, soft brown hair dye, gentle and elegant woman's flavor is naturally distributed.

From short to long hair, curled out a natural arc, generous and beautiful woman temperament.

Texture long face and short hair

Texture hot girls short hair, fashionable and handsome, one of the most popular girl hair styles this year. The light and flexible forehead bangs, which are faster than the length of the eyes, disperse above the eyes, and cooperate with the side hair around the two sides, which can beautify the cheek and create a small face. It is fashionable and smart. Hair surface color, texture lines more clear and obvious, a very handsome long face short hair.

Sun golden hair, light fluffy texture hot short hair, handsome girl image, generous fashion.

Long face and short hair

Long face and short hair with large diagonal bangs, it is very simple to modify the cheek visually, cover almost all the forehead, make the long cheek become delicate and small, beautiful corner of the eye hair or make a natural arc or gently put back, showing the gentle and elegant temperament of a small woman, suitable for mature women and professionals.

The curved hair tow on the side is the key to this small face with long face and short hair.

OK! So many methods have been introduced. Ladies know what hairstyles are suitable for Changlian girls. I hope these methods can bring good news to female friends who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about hairstyle design, please pay attention to our beauty channel!