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Hair style, should be designed like this

Ask a good hair stylist to design a beautiful hair style for you. If a person who doesn't know how to do an article on your head, the effect will only be shocking. The hair style determines a person's image, and you should also know something about matching.

Hairstyle design is a comprehensive art, which involves a wide range of subjects, including: head shape, face shape, facial features, figure, age, followed by occupation, skin color, dress, personality preference, season, hair quality, applicability and modernity.

Human head can be divided into big, small, long, sharp, round and other types.

(1) Big head shape: for people with big head shape, it's better to cut them into medium long or long straight hair, or cut them into layers. Bangs should not be combed too high, and it's better to cover part of forehead;

(2) Small head type: the hair should be fluffy, long hair is best ironed into fluffy big flowers, but the hair should not be too long;

(3) Long head type: because the head type is longer, the hair on both sides should be puffy, and the head should not be blown too high, so the hair style should be developed horizontally;

(4) Tip of head: the upper part of the head is narrow and the lower part is wide, so it is not suitable to cut flat head, cut short hair and perm roll, flatten the top a little, blow the hair on both sides back into curly shape, so that the head is elliptical;

(5) Round head shape: the bangs can be blown higher, and the hair on both sides can be blown to the front, do not cover the face;

With this in mind, you can simply design your own hair style, choose your own hair style, show off your most beautiful hair style, and earn enough Street turnover.