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Ladies temperament dish hair detailed explanation of how to dish hair in spring

Ladies temperament dish hair detailed explanation, how to dish hair in spring? It's also good to tie a dish in spring! Make a beautiful hair style at home! Elegant lady temperament, curling hair style, hand in hand to teach you the steps of curling hair, don't miss it!

Sweet spiral hair

The whole head of hair must be combed. It is recommended that the bun be higher, otherwise it is easy to appear that the face lines are sagging. For earrings, it is recommended to use crystal transparent earrings or silver earrings to set off the texture of this hairstyle.

1. First, spray a layer of bright spray on the hair before putting on the hair, so as to facilitate the follow-up work. Tie up all hair behind your ears and fix it behind your ears with a hairpin wrapped around a rubber band.

2. Braid the bundled hair into the most common three braids, leaving nearly half the length of the hair tail.

3. Coil the bundled hair in a spiral way and fix it with a hairpin, leaving a length of 5cm for it to hang naturally.

4. Finally, bring a beautiful hair ornament and you're done.

4 steps to get a stylish atmosphere and Lady temperament dish hair, isn't it very simple? In spring, you might as well tie a dish with the taste of ladies and celebrities at home. That's it for Valentine's Day!