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What are the Japanese and Korean small face hairstyles that decorate the round face

Japan and South Korea are small face hairstyles. What are the hairstyles that decorate a round face? Mm with a round face always thinks his face is big? Want to have a slap face? It's also good to change your hairstyle and have a small face visually. Recommend Japanese and Korean small face hairstyle, so that you can instantly slap your round face!

Sexy and elegant oblique comb big bangs and short hair, a bangs suitable for thin face, which can completely cover the round face and modify the face shape! Comb all the hair on the top of your head to one side to form a large arc bangs, covering part of the facial contour. The fluffy micro curly short hair is feminine!

The cute and playful pear flower head has always been popular. The hair tail has been micro curled and inner curled to create a sense of fluffy and hierarchy, and more modify the facial contour to set off the small face. Rolling up the bangs can also thin the face, which adds the effect of age reduction.

Shoulder length short hair has Japanese and Korean style inside. This hair style is divided into upper and lower levels and scalded into large waves. The slightly curled Qi bangs can create the effect of slapping the face. The micro curly hair on both sides of the cheek wraps the cheek, and the small face has a good effect! Round face to V face thin face hairstyle Japanese curly hair to create a slap face

It is a good idea to modify the face shape through the radian of the curly hair. Create a suitable radian in the ear, and the large waves of the curly hair are very soft, so you can feel the smaller face shape visually. Fluffy and curved bangs add a lovely feeling!

Middle score bangs can always give people the effect of thin face. Round face mm can try. Full of the charm of light mature women, the middle split short hair, the middle split long bangs elongate the face shape, block the face contour, and appear smaller. The curly hair tail makes it wrap around the cheek. The effect of small face is very good!

After watching so many Japanese and Korean small face hairstyles, which one do you like? If you are not satisfied with your hairstyle and face, you might as well try these releases!