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How to tie a ponytail

Non mainstream ponytail tie method, how to tie ponytail good-looking? Non mainstream ponytail show fresh and lovely style, how to tie a good-looking non mainstream curly ponytail? Xiaobian teach you a few non mainstream curly hair pictures, learn to tie non mainstream hair!


1. Tie the low horsetail on the side and put the large intestine hairring into the horsetail.

2. Split the ponytail into two bunches and shave them separately.

3. Wind the shaved two bundles of hair into a big bundle.

4. Use a pointed tail comb to scrape from the end of the hair to the root of the hair to fix the entanglement.

You can't see the setting, but it's very natural! The method is to divide it into two bundles and scrape the awning separately, twist it at will, and then scrape it upward with a pointed tail comb.

Non mainstream curly hair pictures how non mainstream ponytail tie good-looking


1. Curl your hair with a torch and tie the ponytail princess's head.

2. Put large intestine hairpin on horsetail.

3. Slightly lift the top of the head with a pointed tail comb.

4. Make natural looseness by rubbing hair with concrete molding products.

Lady feel ponytail princess head must be the top of the head hair Toupeng, ponytail itself to be short, the lower half of the hair to be long and curly, there will be a sense of hierarchy.

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