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How to match Winter Hat hairstyle? How to match Winter Hat hairstyle recommended by stars

Winter hat hairstyle how to match? Star recommended hat how to match hairstyle? Cold, choose a hat warm and stylish. How to choose a hat to match the hairstyle, a fashionable hat can change the whole hairstyle into another outstanding style, and the hat is also a must for this autumn. Let's have a look at the perfect matching of hats and hairstyles of Fan Bingbing, Jin Xishan and other Chinese and Korean female stars!

Han Xiaozhu's black and white woolen hat

Han Xiaozhu's outfit is very handsome. The grey medium long woolen coat with black undershirt and leather skirt, the hat with black and white woolen hat, and the popular Korean hairstyle make it a little cute.

Huang Shengyi's super charming long curly hair

Super charming long curly hair, and hat super match, eye-catching, and that also sexy also blurred smoke eye makeup! How a charm word!

Fan Bingbing teaches you how to match top hat with hairstyle

Fan Bingbing's short hair and top hat

Absolutely classic collocation method, white hat collocation sense of hierarchy short hair, and then put on a super enchanting smoky makeup, absolutely high rate of return!

Wen Genying's magic hat

Wen Genying's photo is very cute, similar to the magician's hat, bordered cardigan, shorts, high socks, handsome and lovely.

Li Xiaolu is neutral and charming

I seldom see Xiaolu's sexy make-up. She has a sense of hierarchy, long straight hair and grey berets. She looks capable and refreshing!

Han Caiying's charming curly hair

Han Caiying's clothing portraits, the courtesy of the big eaves, the plaid windbreaker and the black silk stockings are full of charm, elegant and sexy.

Jin Xishan: retro, noble and sexy

Jin Xishan's portraits also choose this big brim hat, with lace dress and black bag, plus delicate makeup, successfully deduce the retro noble and sexy style, full of momentum, worthy of being a big star.

Yang Ruoxi has long hair

Even if you braid your hair, you don't have to show gentleness and femininity. Just like Yang Ruoxi, with a dark green beret that matches your clothes, you will look much more capable!

How to match middle and long hair with hat

Han Jiaren's European retro style

The top hat with big eaves and dyed beach wool vest are very sexy when you look back and smile. The retro style of orange bags is very eye-catching.

Zhu Yin black hat with black hair

With short and medium hair like Zhu Yin's, and a black lady hat which is both formal and casual, you can attend any occasion without making mistakes!

Jin Taixi's straight hair

If you are a pure girl with sweet looks and straight hair, learn from Jin Taixi. Wearing a white knitted hat will make you more shy and pretty!

How to match Winter Hat hairstyle? More about star hairstyle articles continue to tell you how to match star hat hairstyle, be a warm beauty in winter!