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Jin Taixi's bangs show how to create a lady style star

Kim Tae hee's bangs show how to create a lady style star's hair? Many female stars' hair make people shine. Kim Tae hee's bangs show how to make a star's hair. Learn from these female stars' simple fashion hair, easily increase your charm index, and act quickly.

Jin Taixi's my princess

With the hit of "my princess", Jin Taixi's hairstyle also attracted the audience's attention. What kind of shape is most suitable for the image of the princess in people's mind? Simple, atmosphere, lady, beautiful these must have the image to give people a friendly feeling. This one shows a smooth forehead, and it's very suitable to weave hair on the side 45 degrees above the right ear at the back of the head. It is not only concise but also characteristic.

Jin Taixi's my princess

Kim Tae hee's braided hair from left sideburns to right sideburns along the forehead hairline is quite popular all over the world. This braid is more suitable for women with long curly hair. Because it will show the forehead and the whole face contour, this hair is suitable for mm with good face shape. Because of its simplicity and characteristics, many female stars have adopted this arrangement. Fashion people must try!

Hebe Tian Fuzhen's solo recital

This hair is a little more complicated than the first one, but it's easy to fix it with a hairspray. First, divide the hair on one side and repeatedly grasp the side with more hair to make the hair fluffy. One side of the haircut should be combed, and the hairline should not be too loose. The hair line will be edited to the ear after the hairline. A gentle distribution is formed.

Hebe Tian Fuzhen

Hebe's solo look is also impressive. Compared with the group period, the new image is more feminine, or lovely or gentle, which makes the former low-key and frank personality more plump and pleasing. It is the representative of female artists who kill both men and women. This braid is extremely simple. Girls with medium or long hair can try it on their own. Both straight and curly hair are suitable for such side braiding.

Novel twist braid in Mary sleeping out by Wen Genying

Braid is a popular hairstyle that many female stars have used for a long time. Wen Genying's Mahua braid in Mary's sleeping out is slightly different from the traditional one. The adapted Mahua braid and Wen Genying's little baby face are mischievous, cute and fashionable, which is different from the traditional one in the earthy taste. But the pure feeling of the braid is well preserved. Isn't it cute?!

Wen Genying's "Mary sleeps out" edited by Haizao

Wen Genying's seaweed like long curly hair in "Mary sleeps out" is very attractive. In addition to some small editing skills, it adds to her modeling charm in the play. Make her full of artistic rock star girlfriend's breath! With seaweed romantic long curly hair mm might as well try this hair. Easy to learn, will make your charm index rise rapidly!

Fan Weiqi's engagement

Fan weiqi, who is about to get married in 2011, has a well-designed and low-key side hairstyle at last year's engagement banquet, which echoes with the white ribbon and white engagement dress. It seems pure and holy. It's an appropriate choice for engagement hairstyle. Mix and match talent once plain up is also quite graceful generous charming Oh!

2NE1 tonic sandara

Sandara, as the beauty bearer of 2G's rap girl group 2NE1, her modeling is quite leading the trend in South Korea! Her hair follows the sex life, like a fairy falling to the earth or a princess lost to the common people. Although simple, it can't cover up the dazzling stars, which is the delicacy of random shadow collection. As a reference, we might as well say goodbye to the dull image.

Jinsha cute hair

Jinsha showed her short hair for a while, which didn't make her look like a tomboy. It is still sweet girl image, full of femininity, so that men have a desire to protect. Why? Besides her sweet face, her hairstyle is also one of the reasons. Although she has short hair, the braided hair on both sides increases the beauty of modeling and makes her sweet and lovely. This hair must be fixed with shaped products, which is smooth and durable.

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