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How to comb a fluffy ponytail star how to tie a fluffy ponytail

How to dress a fluffy ponytail? How do stars dress a fluffy ponytail? Many female stars like fluffy ponytail very much. It's simple, capable and atmospheric. It's suitable for attending a feast. Stars demonstrate how to dress a fluffy ponytail, so that you can choose your favorite hairstyle!

Fluffy ponytail

Fluffy ponytail may sound a little confused, but when you see it, you will sigh and sigh. It's really a ponytail hair bundle that is capable and able to attend the grand meeting.

Fluffy horsetail style step1

1. Tie the hair into a horsetail, and the center of gravity of the horsetail is controlled in the parallel position of the upper edge of the auricle.

Puffy horsetail Step2

2. Use a pointed tail comb to loosen the hair on the top of the head, push up the height of the top of the hair on the forehead, grasp and fix it with a small amount of wax, and grasp the remaining wax on both sides of the hair out of the bundle.

Fluffy ponytail styling Step3

3. Horsetail uses the electric rod to roll out some slight curls, so that the hair tail also has a rhythm, showing a parabolic arc. People with long hair tail can use the technique of local hair root to increase the elasticity and thickness of hair tail. How to make a star's ponytail

Zhao Wei's ponytail: vigorous, fluffy, curling ponytail, covering face and slanting bangs

Liu Yifei's ponytail: lazy and casual, fluffy and curly hair, ponytail and smooth forehead

Wang Xinling's horsetail hairstyle: fluffy high horsetail with brownish red diagonal bangs

Yi Nengjing horsetail hairstyle: Sexy curly horsetail with pink bow band

After watching the fluffy ponytail hairstyles of the stars above, you should know how to tie a ponytail you like. How to comb a fluffy ponytail? Have you learned it?