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Short hair of Korean female stars

South Korean female stars short hair inventory, refreshing short hair has temperament! Autumn cut a fresh temperament of South Korean female stars short hair is a good choice, whether it is fresh, lovely, sexy or charming can always be expressed incisively and vividly by them, act quickly, you can also lead the way, completely change the style queen.

The brand new and refreshing short hair makes Wen Genying a mature and sexy girl in Chengdu from the image of a little girl next door. This is also the first time that Wen mm has tried such a short haircut since her debut. Isn't it a mature and capable little ol style?

Park Hsin Hui's short hair is reminiscent of that handsome 'Gao Mei man'. Park Hsin Hui, who plays the role of "Gao Mei Nan" in "it's a beautiful man", still retains the short hair style in the play.

Yin en Hui is unique, with short curly hair full of femininity and playful T-shirt. She is mature and young.

In the new play, Zhang Nala's super short hair style, lovely wave head and fluffy curly feeling make the Korean actress who is already in her third year still feel like a lovely little girl. The fluffy treatment on both sides can also play the role of modifying the face shape.

Jian Meiyan's face is very thin, and her relatively short short hair is particularly attractive. Her messy bangs slightly cover her eyes, giving people a mysterious and sexy feeling. This is a simple haircut, easy to take care of, suitable for girls who hate tedious or like neutral style.

Han Yise's short hair style has influenced the choice of a large number of Korean girls in Perm style, but it is a very typical Korean curly hair. Fluffy big waves can make the face smaller, slightly lazy feeling can make the little girl appear more familiar, and the temperament of the big girl is lovely.

Han Jiaren's short hair focuses on modifying the front flowing sea. The previous short hair is very light due to too many layers, but the recent short hair focuses on modifying the front flowing sea and the side hair. If the hair is longer, it can be cut into a retro style. Jin Xianzhu, Quan Duyan and others are the leaders of this kind of retro style.

Huang Jingyin's exquisite face shape is very suitable for short hair. It's also a simple haircut. There is no more treatment on the shape. The thick bangs and neat hair tips are lovely and charming. It's a very typical summer refreshing short hair style.

Kim Hui soo is known as the sexy goddess of South Korea. Although she is small and thin, she always gives people a sense of charm. This short hairstyle is very Korean in the treatment of the hair tip. The hair is placed behind the ear, and the bangs will be ironed out with a sense of rhythm. It's very ol hairstyle. It's suitable for Tencent Weibo working women about 30 years old, and it's also very suitable for wonderful young women to choose.