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Lin Yichen says goodbye to the TV industry: how to create a variety of sweet hairstyles?

Lin Yichen said goodbye to the TV industry and how to create a variety of sweet hairstyles. Some time ago, Lin Yichen said goodbye to the TV industry, but instead of farewell to the entertainment industry, he shifted his focus to the film. Therefore, Lin Yichen, the 2011 Golden Bell film queen, will fight on the big screen again after seven years, and the "love panic" with Chen Bailin and Li Yifeng will be released on October 14. Although the age is growing, Lin Yichen with a baby face is still as lovely as a young girl. All kinds of sweet hairstyles are pleasing to the eye. Let's enjoy them together. Watch!

In the farewell TV series "I may not love you", the natural side of the micro curly hair brings pure girl atmosphere, long hair floating Lin Yichen is popular.

The medium length hair in the poster adds mature femininity. The rich curly hair exudes charming atmosphere, and the smile is as bright as sunflower.

Lin Yichen, who rarely appears as a short hair, wears a pear blossom wig in the movie "panic in love". Her sweet slanting bangs match her clever temperament very well, and her small face effect is also very obvious.

Little princess sweet hairstyle and this, long horsetail roll up more layers and fullness, mellow arc line is very lovely.

Lin Yichen, who is no longer a baby face, uses all back hairstyle to show her delicate little face. Her long hair hanging on her chest looks like a refined goddess.

Long hair in the back of the head, only to decorate the round face in the split hair, give a fresh and comfortable feeling. Light makeup is more popular with boys.

How to create a variety of hairstyles for Lin Yichen's farewell is here today. A good hairstyle will add a bright spot for you! Act quickly! There will be more wonderful hairdressing articles waiting for you. Oh, don't know how to deal with your hairstyle? Come to Sihai hairdressing!