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Hong Chen, the fast girl, won the second place on the Internet and was smashed?

The 2011 happy girls finals came to an end, and the top three fast girls began their national tour. Duan linxicheng's black horse won the championship, and the fast girl Hong Chen won the second place. Liu Xin's fiasco only ranked third. According to the Internet, Hong Chen was beaten after the match, and the fast girl's black curtain was raised again. I'm afraid only the party concerned knows the truth about the time when Hong Chen was beaten. Since Hong Chen entered the competition, she has appeared in front of fans with short hair. How can Hong Chen create a handsome and sweet short hair? She is a new generation of mainland singers with short hair, handsome, heroic and idol strength. Today, Xiao Bian collected many pictures of Hongchen's short hair style. Little Red Riding Hood, come and enjoy it!

Black tuxedo with soft straight short hair, soft and elegant, little womanly, party party party with such right.

Hong Chen usually short hair is more casual, gently curly hair, kind and lively, full of leisure.

The perfect combination of personality fashion and handsome trend, this hair curly, radian fresh short hair perm, send out irresistible avant-garde flavor.

The perfect cooperation between bangs and sideburns is the focus of hair style. The long bangs with thin cut, dark eyes and long sideburns close to the cheek are fashionable and handsome, showing cool and fashionable women.

Cute and playful, straight and short hair, versatile oblique bangs make her face more delicate, and a few fruit colored hair accessories highlight Hong Chen's innocent and childlike side.

Red coat, will be versatile handsome short hair decorate a unique taste, full of heroism.

Hong Chen's publicity photo during the competition, the short hair style with relatively long proportion of bangs and hair, the best short hair choice for girls, the full coverage of bangs head shape, the small face effect is very good, versatile and age reduction.