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How does Yang Mi create a refined hairstyle?

It is reported that the fourth major general of Yang Mi's new capital started broadcasting on September 2. At the press conference, Yang Mi was joined by Zhou Jieqiang, and the scene was very lively! In the play, Yang Mi incarnated as Hua Kui Bai Xue, and will stage a sad love story in Chi Shuai! The shape of Yang Mi in the play is very beautiful and refined, so how can Yang Mi create a refined hairstyle? Let's have a look with you!

This famous lady's hairstyle in the period of the Republic of China is really fresh and free from vulgarity, with big curly hair tail, oblique combed bangs and white hair accessories, which is new and lovely!

At the press conference of "four shaos in the new capital", Yang Mi appeared in a short skirt with slanting shoulders and strapless. The combination of gray and red showed her temperament. With natural straight long hair, fresh and refined! At the press conference, Zhou Jieqiang held hands with him, and the scene was hot!

Playing with Chi Shuai, he looks clean and sweet. With long hair and eyes, the new capital four little is a drama worth looking forward to!

Playful and lovely

Yang Mi's three or seven point slanting bangs and big wavy curly hair are absolutely 'cute', combined with pink flower headdress and big round earrings, showing Yang Mi's lovely and lively.

Pure student style

It's a perfect look for Yang Ming, a southern girl with a clean ponytail, fresh and white makeup, a white T-shirt and jeans shorts.

Natural sweet wind

The sweet smile brings out the warm breath. Wearing a khaki cotton dress, a neat and natural bun, and a natural and fresh lady makeup, the girl's sweet temperament is interpreted by Yang Mi.

Sweet and neutral

The irregular collocation of black trousers and dark red coat, loose ball head shows Yang Mi's sweet temperament, this handsome casual style exudes a special neutral flavor.

Yang Mi's curled hair is a little bit of the original temperament, but he has made some improvements on the bangs, and the black wavy bangs can highlight women's elegance.