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Fast Girl Top 5 Liu Xin Qian Feng partner shooting fast girl idol drama shooting scene hairstyle inv

The 2011 fast women's 6-in-5 competition has ended, and the fast women's top 5 has been born. This week, the fast women's top 5 will have a 5-in-4 competition. Recently, the fast women's top 5 will welcome their male partners to play in idol dramas. In 2011, Liu Xin, Qian Feng, one of the top 5 fast girls in 2011, made fast female idol drama together. Of course, not only Liu Xin, Qian Feng, but also Hong Chen's partner Jiang Chao, Su Miaoling's partner Li Jiahang, Duan Linxi's partner Wu Junyu, and the fifth elder brother Zhang Rui's partner Yang Yang. Are these eye-catching matches a little exciting. Xiaobian takes stock of the fast female hairstyles on the shooting site for you, hoping to get to know the fast female idol drama first!

Liu Xin meets Qian Feng, Su Miaoling, Li Jiahang, Zhang Rui praises Yang Yang for her Chiung Yao temperament, Hong Chen's partner Jiang Chao's mysterious identity, Duan Linxi and Wu Junyu to form a cute couple & hellip; & hellip; who will become a new generation of screen lovers. As for which pair has the most tacit cooperation and the sweetest performance, we have to wait and see, so which pair do you expect the most?

After a few bad performances, Liu Xin tried to adjust her mood and get ready to go! Her hairstyle has also changed. She has cut her hair short and made a new look. She looks so energetic and handsome. Liu Xin is the neutral wind to the end ah! Then with a white shirt, black short leather coat, put on stiletto heels! Handsome!

Liu Xin is how satisfied with the partner, want to run out of the castle to see Qian Feng? It's just time. But from the kid's happy smile, we can see that she is really comfortable with Qian Feng. Kid's first show on screen is worth watching.

Hong Chen and Jiang Chao are shooting together. The scene is in the hospital. What is the plot? Look forward to it. Hongchen still has short hair. It's very natural and simple. There is no hair gel. Is it popular for everyone to take the simple style recently?

Hong Chen has a story with these two beautiful nurses. Maybe it's a hospital adventure. Hong Chen and Jiang Chao are very mysterious. They won't reveal their identities. It's very exciting.

Su Miaoling and Li Jiahang, who plays Erkang in xinhuanzhu middle school, get along well with each other. She claims to be on the phone very much. Short hair, full bangs, with this elegant blue dress, is really enviable! Xiaowan seems to enjoy the shooting process very much! Our Xiaowan's modeling is very elegant. Li Jiahang, Xiaowan's partner of Gu Ling, is very affectionate.

Duan Linxi and Wu Junyu go back to the campus and have a good time on campus! Pleated skirt, pink schoolbag, cute school uniform, standing with Wu Junyu, they are a pair of cute treasures. I didn't expect that Duan Linxi, who is singing quietly with his guitar, has such a side! Duan Linxi and Wu Junyu have come to PK Fu Mengni to see which pair is more cute and lovely. It's still the top of the pot. It's lovely!

Yang Yang and Zhang Rui, who plays the fifth elder brother in new huanzhu, are so happy when they shoot the fast female idol drama & hellip; & hellip; Yang Yang shows people with long natural hair and curly hair ends. Qi bangs are more cute! These two seem to have a natural tacit understanding, and just meet each other, they are very involved in the drama. "Fifth elder brother" Zhang Rui frankly appreciates Yang Yang: "it's very Qiongyao girl's feeling.". Yang Yang couldn't shut his mouth with a smile.

OK! So many introductions! Ladies and gentlemen, you know that the top five female idol dramas are coming soon! I hope these methods can bring good news to the female friends who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about star hairstyles, please pay attention to our beauty channel!