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How does fast girl Hong Chen show her sweetness with short hair?

As a post-90s Hong Chen, who is similar to Gao Meinan, the heroine of the popular Korean idol drama "it's a beautiful man", participated in the 2011 happy girls' competition. Hong Chen is known as the 'international fan'. This week, the fast Girl 6 into 5 competition will start, fast girl Quiz Challenge acting skills, fast girl Hongchen how to use short hair to show sweet? How to show her strong aura? This ancient spirit strange beautiful girl, with her sweet and lovely appearance is different, a short hair of her very style. Let's see how Hong Chen uses her hairstyle to show the youth fashion of a sweet girl.

Hong Chen, the fast girl, has a picture photo, simple short hair, with this suit of clothing, which is very international.

The curly and short hair with beautiful radian and the fluffy layered hair make the style more spiritual and foreign.

Short hair with sunglasses, a small suit, British style handsome beauty image.

Simple short hair, perfect show the young girl's heroism and frankness, long bangs with side hair, small face and thin face.

More common short hair, partial points of long bangs, plus the side of the face hair, very clever modification of the face.

Hong Chen's short hair is the highlight of her hairstyle.

Fast women's competition, Hong Chen a such girl short hair, cool and handsome.

OK! So many introductions! Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how Hong Chen makes short hair? I hope these methods can bring good news to women who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about star hairstyles, please pay attention to our beauty channel!