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How to interpret the ethereal hair style of Wang Yijie?

The 2011 happy girl 7-in-6 competition came to an end last night. Wang Yijie was regretfully eliminated by the ethereal singing and left the fast girl stage. However, his ethereal singing and hairstyle left us too much memory. Wang Yijie not only has a deep singing background, but also has full star spirit, which is very international. This 1.74-meter tall girl always has long hair. How does she interpret ethereal hairstyle? Combined with this year's Zhongfen elements, she has the flavor of cutting-edge trendsetters. Sihai Xiaobian witness Wang Yijie's charming hairstyle with you!

Wang Yijie's high-quality mid point wavy hair + a braid on her forehead is very exotic girl's taste.

Wang Yijie's natural straight hair and two thin braids on her forehead are exotic.

The small charming long curly hair is especially suitable for tall girls. The design of the middle part can decorate the cheek and bring freshness.

Wang Yijie on the stage has long curly hair with bangs. The hair around the two sides can beautify the cheek and create the charm of small face.

The handsome punk bangs, simple short hair design, clean modeling and management, permeate with fashionable large temperament.

Yijie's funny pictures, fashionable braids and retro make-up give off a bit of African wildness.

The black hair band and rich wavy hair create the fashion style of exotic beauty, generous and charming.

The sexy girl's charming big curly hair, the corn perm on the top of her head, the lustrous color of her hair, the generous fashion and the retro make-up add to the modern atmosphere.

OK! So many methods have been introduced. I hope all female friends know how to create Wang Yijie's ethereal hair style. I hope these methods can bring good news to female friends who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about star hairstyles, please pay attention to our beauty channel!