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An inventory of Han Yise's beautiful hairstyle in the past

She once played the sexy and vicious Jiuwei fox in the biography of the Nine Tailed Fox. Anna and Han Yise, the ladies in fantasy lovers, were highly praised for their looks and acting skills, and were called the successor of the first beauty Kim Hee Shan by the Korean media. Recently, the boycott of KBS TV series "spy moon" has caused a stir in the entertainment industry. Let's make an inventory of the beautiful hairstyles in the past. I hope that the friends who like Han Yise still support her!

Beautiful pan hair, the same is the style of curly hair, without the previous solemnity, bangs and hairline at random, fashionable and generous.

With a small black suit, it is easy and generous. The hair style of weipeng doesn't lose its solemnity!

Medium curly hair, made from braids and hairpins.

The voluptuous curly hair and charming curly hair will bind the hair on both sides of the ear slightly, changing the original maturity of big curly hair and adding a bit of freshness. to a proper extent.

Enchanting in curly hair, more women sexy charm!

The natural long straight hair is just like the girl next door.

Lively feeling pretty bangs, this hairstyle is full of lively atmosphere, casual bangs appear unrestrained, natural!

Charming curly hair, very charming, because it is very approachable, give people a feeling of wanting to be close! With casual bangs, the whole face is set off!

Lovely bow scarf with curly hair, full of childlike fun and lovely!

Han Yise's strike caused trouble, and a review of her beautiful hairstyles in the past. Sihai beauty editor introduced a lot of content about Han Yise's hairstyle in the past, so everyone knows it? If you want to know more about star hairstyle, Sihai beauty editor will continue to introduce it to you. Please keep paying attention to Sihai beauty, and there will be different harvest!