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How to create a variety of hairstyles for GaN Tingting?

Introduction: Pan Jinlian's part in the new TV series "Water Margin" is being broadcasted, and Pan Jinlian's actor Gan Tingting has been widely concerned by people. Then the new water margin is in full swing. Let's have a look at how Gan Tingting creates a variety of hairstyles in reality?

Charming curly hair: mature and charming curly hair has always been the classic hair style loved by the fashion industry, which complements the unique curvilinear beauty of women. The key point of this hair style suitable for girls with round face is that the bangs are slightly curled outwards, showing a delicate and beautiful face, coupled with drooping Earrings, it is difficult to attract the attention!

Shawl long hair vertical straight hair: straight hair is always pure beauty and students mm exclusive, 37 open bangs and simple straight hair, clean and fresh make-up, plus T-shirt and suspenders, is such a simple collocation can also make the mood beautiful.

Asymmetric bangs + plain Hairbands: the key to creating this illustrated hairstyle is the front bangs that are bright enough to be looked at in the mirror. The asymmetric cutting method is also full of new ideas. With simple and elegant hair hoops, it is noble, elegant and fashionable. Pay attention to eye shadow and nail polish.

Cool hair and high hair: it's a very thin hair style! The slanted bangs and the high and high bunched hair well elongate the shape of the face, leaving two clusters of slightly shorter hair at the neck, which is cute and cute. The hair style that needs to attend the wedding ceremony should pay attention to the hair on the top of the head and the tail of the hair, which should be combed and elegant in disorder.

In the orthodox middle part, the hair is divided into two strands and woven into a horsetail plate at the back of the head, and a chain with a cross is hung between the eyebrows, which lengthens the face shape and highlights the delicacy of the five features. It is as elegant as the goddess of Athens in Greece, and the high flower bud tie Fagui is holy and elegant. Hat with Beret + bun for more recommendations, please click to see the details

Pure hair plait with slant comb and fluffy twist braid: from fashion cult leader pair men's popular hair style s Hilton to gossip girl Blake Lively, stars tell us that the twist braid is no longer a synonym for the old-fashioned. This slant combed braid focuses on fluffy and messy, which makes people feel that the hair style attending the wedding ceremony unconsciously reveals a kind of sweetness. With a bow tie, the highlight of the shape is put on the head!

Beret + bun: Nowadays, the function of hat is not just to cover up the decoration of insufficient hair style, but to play a more important role in auxiliary collocation. The hair bun with Beret in the same color of clothes sends out a kind of artist's temperament, and the diagonal bar in front of the forehead is also very small!

Curly hair + white plush hat: if you are a sweet looking pure school girl, then learn the collocation of this hat and the distribution. If you wear a white plush hat with curly hair on your chest, you will not be frozen in the cold weather, and you will be beautiful, beautiful and moving!

How can Gan Tingting create a variety of hairstyles? So many perfect hairstyles are checked by Sihai beauty editors. I hope they can help MM people who love beauty. If you want to see more hairdressing knowledge, please pay attention to Sihai beauty!