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How to perfect the round face?

Beauty tip: are you still feeling inferior because your round face is not perfect? Even the female stars are not born to be so beautiful, so how do the round face actresses deduce the perfect hairstyle? How to create a personalized hairstyle?

As the saying goes, "three looks and seven dresses." a proper hairstyle can add a lot to the image. These round faced actresses rely on the day after tomorrow to improve themselves. Beauties learn from each other and find the right ones to learn quickly.

Style1: asymmetrical haircut

Star demonstration: Emma stone

Key points: asymmetric hairstyle can create the highlights of cheek and cheek bone or cheek depression, and has strong ability to modify face shape.

Expert analysis: asymmetric haircut is very suitable for a round face, asymmetric means a mixture of various lengths, plus a long partial bangs, you will send out charming and beautiful charm. (Chris McMillan, Los Angeles hair stylist and salon owner)

Tip: it's easy to fix the bangs to one side with a light setting paste.

Style2: layered long hair

Star demonstration: Kate Bosworth

Key points: take the circle as the contour, add the layer, cover the face shape, reduce the sense of weight, light and elegant.

Expert analysis: if you want a split hair style, the best way for a round face is to let the hair a few inches over the shoulder, layer it at the chin, and let your hair stylist trim the edges of the hair slightly. (Chris McMillan, hairstylist)

Tip: using silica gel essence can make short hair less impatient.

Style3: smooth horsetail

Star demonstration: Fergie

Key points: the key point is the smoothness and draping of the hair, and the hair on the forehead and the top of the head must be combed very tightly to set off the draping feeling of the ponytail and even look like a perfect wig.

Expert analysis: to be more precise, it is the smooth ponytail above the ears. The key to hairstyle is to make your hair smooth rather than fluffy or curly. (hair stylist Ted Gibson)

Tip: first use light styling water on dry hair, then tie horsetail, it will be smoother.

Style 4: hair wave

Star demonstration: Ren & eacute; e Zellweger

Main points: partial long bangs can effectively modify the shape of the face. The hair tail slightly inward makes a small face effect, and the side is more dynamic.

Expert analysis: the key to creating a hairstyle above the shoulder is not playing according to common sense. For example, Ren & eacute; e Zellweger's bobhead, soft hair, multi-level trim, deliberately messy texture. (Jimmy Paul, hairstylist)

Tip: comb the wet hair with a hair spray and a round head brush to increase the feeling of movement and wave.

Style5: Sprite head

Star demonstration: ginnifer Goodwin

Main point: although less charming, but this black ultra short hair and white skin, but set off a bit of spirit temperament and playful free and easy feeling.

Expert analysis: ginnifer Goodwin's Fairy head, all these small hair pieces help to emphasize the cheekbones and eyes. (hairstylist, Jimmy Paul)

Tip: apply shaping mud to wet hair to set and increase hair texture.

Style6: structural wave head

Star demonstration: Kirsten Dunst

Main points: platinum gold hair, black hair root, partial bangs, so that the classic wave head more vitality.

Expert analysis: the length below the chin, distinct level contrast, and gradually cut towards the neck and shoulder, this hairstyle has a strong sense of structure and angle, and the hard line balances the softness of the round face face. (Jimmy Paul, hairstylist)

Tip: use the hair spray to add luster to the hairy roots, and avoid using it on the side so as to make the face look wider.

How does round face actress deduce perfect hairstyle? Do you know now? Sihai beauty has more star hairstyles to share with you, move quickly!