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Versatile cute pop star Zhang Liangying's outstanding hairstyle

Beautiful guide: she is young and beautiful with beautiful songs. She is known as a musical genius by beautiful people. Her perfect dolphin sound conquers Oprah, and Oprah embraces her twice to show her love for her. Recently, the new album "change" has come out again, and a celebration singing party has been held in Beijing. Her career is so good that her hair style can add a lot of points to her image!

1、 Straight hair

1. Lady's straight hair

The overall effect of the split hair is very soft, highlighting the delicate facial features, sending out the gentle romance of women.

2、 Curly hair

1. Romantic curly hair

Partial bangs make the small face set off more compact, curly hair tail and messy feeling, filled with romantic and dreamy feeling.

2. Sexy curly hair

The hair color of chocolate color is super attractive. The bangs are clipped up with hairpins, showing a bright and clean forehead, which is fashionable and young.

3. Young curly hair

This hairstyle has played a great age reduction effect, the chestnut hair color is very eye-catching, partial bangs thin face hair is necessary.

3、 Horsetail

1. Bright temperament horsetail

Belongs to the simple hair style of horsetail high tie up, with large earrings, the breath of youth is very strong.

2. Fashionable high ponytail

Simple and clean, I believe many people like this ol hairstyle, very young and energetic.

4、 Pear flower head

Pure pear flower head

The tiny Qi bangs just cover the eyebrows, set off the eyes greatly, and curl the hair tail to achieve the effect of small face hairstyle. Black hair color will show the skin color of super white undoubtedly.

5、 Inventory

Cute curly hair

Belongs to the lovely hairstyle, clean and beautiful. With a bright and sweet smile, it can't be more pure.

6、 Flower bud

Aura flower bud

Neat thick bangs, long bangs on both sides and long earrings effectively lengthen the face shape. MM who wants to thin face can choose this small face hairstyle.