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Qinhailu xuhuaiyu leads star fashion short hair

The summer of 2011 has passed half, and short hair is still in full swing. If you are changing into short hair beauty, then come to see the fashion short hair led by fashion stars Song Jia, Ella, qinhailu and xuhuaiyu. Fresh and beautiful, attractive, see if there is a suitable one for you!

Liu Zi

Liu Zi, who returned after the birth, is also very busy. Recently, he was invited to attend the international top fashion design awards ceremony of "Jiaren Chinese style" in 2011. He made a round appearance with noble and sexy black long skirt and fresh and dry sleeved trousers, which is charming and charming and full of personality, showing Liu Zi's multi-faceted charm.


Recently, xiaosongjia has shot a group of personality blockbusters for a magazine. Her short hair under the lens is amazing. Sometimes black and white rock style, sometimes bright and antique, unique temperament deduces a distinctive fashion atmosphere.


Fuying's fresh and natural short hair, frankness has a fake boy, suit + red plaid pants with a handsome trend.


The missing two years Xu Huaiyu high-profile pay, the short hair of frankness appearance, personality is eye-catching, charm extraordinary.


Ella Chen Jiahua is a famous color makeup spokesman in Taipei. Usually, she is often dressed in front of the fluorescent screen. It is rare to show the charm of women in front of the media. She is wearing white Marilyn Monroe dress. The Bob shape makes her more elegant and feminine. The cheeks are pink and tender, like apples, which makes people feel like trying to touch them.