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Round face mm together to see how he Jie beautiful transformation

He Jie, a super girl in 2005, retired from her fat appearance at that time into a beautiful princess now. In addition to her successful weight loss, she has a lot to do with her hairstyle design. Let's see how he Jie transformed into a beautiful woman.

This hairstyle design reveals the feeling of He Jie as a little woman.

With her long straight hair and her powerful American singing style, it is very exotic, and the half moon shaped bangs are also hot this year.

What artists fear most is being fat. Super girl he Jie also knows this. Jiebao is really not as thin as other actresses, so in her usual dress up, she has to consider whether she is fat or not. He Jie's hairstyle design is not only a fashionable curly hair style, but also a hair style that can be used to "thin face".