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"New Wulong mountain bandit suppression" will broadcast autumn porcelain dazzling charm, what are th

"The story of suppressing bandits in new Oolong mountain" will be broadcast soon, and the female No. 1 four girl in the play will be starred in "the temptation to go home" by Korean actress Qiu porcelain Hyun. Now let's take stock of Qiu porcelain Hyun's charming and feminine hairstyle and see which one you like in life?

Dark brown small waves: the hair line is separated from the top of the head and naturally scattered on both sides. It has an excellent vertical feeling. Compared with the bold avant-garde of the whole curly hair, the method of perming only from the middle part of the hair to the end of the hair is more low-key and introverted. Combined with dark brown pick dyeing, it highlights the modern feeling of autumn porcelain.

Capable and short hair: the most popular lotus leaf head at present highlights the unique temperament of Qiu Cixuan. The choice of side points is more temperament, mature and feminine.

Black long straight hair: black long straight hair can be said to be the most primitive and natural combination, and it is also inherent to us. Qiu Cixuan's long straight black hair gives people a natural and harmonious feeling, which can definitely increase her elegant and noble temperament!

Big wave long curly hair: Qiu Cixuan has a good temperament, and then make a wave curly hair with turned out bangs, which is full of femininity, the natural hair color is gorgeous and generous, and the choice of Zhongfen decorates the perfect goose egg face, which is more charming!

Black curling: smooth and neat, neat curling makes qiuporcelain dazzling, charming and beautiful.

Brown long straight hair: long straight hair is dyed with natural brown, which gives people a fashionable atmosphere and shows a fresh and youthful temperament, just like a neighbor's sister.

Do you still like Korean star qiuporcelain's fashionable hairstyle? You can also try this hairstyle in your daily life, as long as you like it.