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Trembling Tencent tiktok claims millions of Tencent response: will actively respond

Original title: Tencent TikTok Sue how is this incident Tencent responded

Sihai technology May 17th afternoon news, for the trembling prosecution Tencent, Zhang Jun, director of public relations Tencent, said in micro-blog, the public accounts have a complete tort complaint and processing process, any organization and individual can initiate tiktok, and will also process the first time.

'4 tiktok received complaints after 8 months, and had already processed an account. He asked himself if the process was correct and he was not afraid of anything. We would actively respond to it. '

The following is Tencent's reply statement:

1. Wechat public platform has a complete infringement complaint mechanism. Once verified, it will deal with it immediately. Welcome to tremble and other public platform users to reflect infringement on us through the infringement complaint mechanism. The WeChat tiktok platform treats all suspected infringement cases equally.

2, after verification, tiktok learned that WeChat handled a number of infringing accounts based on the complaints of April 8th. Among them, the official account of the fast micro class has already deleted its articles after receiving complaints. If there are more follow-up violations, welcome to WeChat's public platform infringement complaint system to tiktok.

3. So far, Tencent has not received relevant litigation documents from Haidian court. After receiving it, Tencent will actively respond to the lawsuit in accordance with the court procedure.

4. Click the wechat public platform infringement complaint system to initiate a complaint.