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Apple system for TNG workstation? Response: fake

Original title: Apple system for TNG workstation? Official: video production error on the evening of May 15, hammer technology released the revolutionary product "nut TNT workstation" in Beijing bird's nest, which is known as changing the PC in the next decade. Large touch display with nut R1 mobile phone turns into workstation, voice interaction is cool, but it also caused a lot of controversy.

In essence, this workstation is based on the Android ecological environment. It's a three piece office demo, which is also developed by Yongzhong software in Java, and it's easy to transplant.

But strange is, after the press conference, some netizens found a very strange trick.

First of all, on the desktop of Luo Yonghao's live presentation, a file with suffix key suddenly appeared, which was a slide file generated by Apple Iwork keynote. Some netizens even played the bullet screen of the scene of the car accident and the ceremony.

In fact, in the official propaganda video, the MacOS system bar appears directly.

In response, hammer technology's official microblog said: 'due to the insufficient completion of the current system (the situation during the live demonstration also shows this point), we asked the video production company to shoot the short film in advance, but there were some errors in the post production. We are very sorry and will update the repaired version. '