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Apple iPhone price cut overall decline less than 1% make complaints about

Original title: the reason for Apple's iPhone price reduction has been exposed

Not long ago, there was a short-term offline maintenance on the official website of Apple mall. According to experience, this situation is likely to correspond to 'something big happens'. After the maintenance of the website went online, we found that a large number of products on Apple's official website were reduced in price.

Official website price drops slightly

Take the iPhone x, which is only on sale for half a year, as an example. Before the price adjustment, the price of the 64GB version was 8388 yuan, and the 256gb version was 9688 yuan; after the price reduction, the current price of the 64GB version was 8316 yuan, and the 256gb version was 9605 yuan. The overall decline rate is less than 1%, which is obviously different from the previous product iterative price reduction logic.

Prices of other products have also been adjusted

In addition, other products sold in Apple also have different price adjustments. For example, the former air pods, which sold for 1288 yuan, now costs 1276 yuan on its official website. Compared with the formal price reduction promotion, it should be said that the price adjustment of the product is not large, but it highlights the whole range of one product.

So: This is not a price adjustment for the purpose of price reduction and promotion -- in other words, it is not a May Day promotion at all.

The reason for the price adjustment is the change of tax rate.

After May 1, China's VAT policy has been adjusted: for taxpayers' taxable sales or import goods, the original 17% and 11% tax rates are adjusted to 16% and 10% respectively; for taxpayers' purchase of agricultural products, the original 11% deduction rate is adjusted to 10%; For the agricultural products purchased by taxpayers for the production, sale or entrusted processing of goods with 16% tax rate, the input tax shall be calculated according to the deduction rate of 12%. (Wang Di)