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Ctrip's investment in supersonic aircraft is only for the convenience of passengers

Original title: Ctrip's supersonic strategic plan for investment exposed

Sihai network comprehensive news often take a plane or travel, I believe that Ctrip is not unfamiliar. Let me tell you, now Ctrip is going to expand its business. Media confirmed Ctrip investment supersonic news, the original a while ago that Ctrip's new strategic goal is to enter the aviation industry. Strong cooperation between the two cities will reduce the flight time of the two cities in the future, making it convenient for passengers.

The reason why the media confirmed the supersonic news of Ctrip investment is that it has been officially announced. On the evening of April 25, Ctrip announced a strategic investment with the world's leading supersonic aircraft manufacturer boom super sonic (hereinafter referred to as "boom") to help boom accelerate the research and development of Mach 2.2 supersonic aircraft.

It is reported that Ctrip will assist boom to discuss business cooperation and development in the aviation field with AVIC; meanwhile, boom will assist Ctrip to negotiate to reserve 10-15 seats for Ctrip customers on several supersonic flights of its first flight. The two sides will work together to reduce China's flight time to the United States, South Asia and Oceania to half of the current level.

Blake scholl, founder and CEO of boom, said, "the flight time from San Francisco to China will be reduced from the current 11 hours to six hours. From the actual travel scenario, the round trip can save a total of two days. 'Do you think we are looking forward to saving so much time?

Time is money. Ctrip invests in supersonic aircraft manufacturers, and both sides will jointly promote the flight time of China to other cities. This is really good news. China has a large population, more and more business scope, and more and more people are flying. I believe this cooperation will also bring benefits to the two enterprises.