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The official release of glory magicbook is more suitable for young people

Original title: the first notebook of glory is confirmed and released, named glory magicbook on April 11, Zhao Ming, President of glory, announced in the micro headline that the first notebook will be released in Shanghai on April 19, named glory magicbook. At the same time, glory officially launched Ren Jialun as the experience officer of Chaozhou play. The release of this information has ended the speculation about whether the glory notebook will be released. However, it is undeniable that the name of glory magicbook will make people think of glory magic mobile phone, and they are full of expectations about whether it is equipped with black technology.

Internet mobile phone brand first, glory in notebook market

On March 12, glory held the first press conference of this year in Beijing as promised. Zhao Ming, President of glory, announced that in January 2018, glory brand won the first place in both online and offline Internet brands, and the first place in Internet brand market retention, ranking first in China's Internet mobile phone brand.

In the limelight, glory did not keep the honor, but chose to open up new product lines and enter the notebook market. This seems bold, but it is a mature decision that has considered the current market situation and is in line with the strategic layout of "intelligent terminal full scene connection". In terms of its development momentum in the field of mobile phones, the performance of the new notebook, magicbook, is also worth looking forward to.

Magic beyond imagination, black technology video or hidden mystery

Previously, the official Weibo of glory had released a black technology video, revealing the products carrying innovative technology such as glory mobile phone and glory notebook. In the video, the notebook's exposure may be revealing the product features of glory magicbook.

First of all, from the appearance point of view, small and portable is the most intuitive -- the body is very thin, almost the same thickness as the mobile phone on the desk, which is very suitable for office and business trip scenes. And the screen ratio is very high, in the B side almost can not see the existence of the border, there is a kind of comprehensive screen notebook visual sense.

In the use of experience, girls through a sliding gesture in the air, easy to unlock the notebook, convenient cool. After that, a gesture transmitted over the air transmits the pictures from the mobile phone to the computer in seconds. It can be seen that glory magicbook will also have more interaction with mobile phones, forming a cross platform experience integrating office and entertainment, supporting mobile phones to connect with them, and transmitting information, pictures and other contents through wireless connection.

Technology may be far more than that, and products may be more suitable for the attributes of young people

"Cost performance" may be another label of glory magicbook. Glory has always been focusing on young people to create cool trend products with high cost performance and exclusively for young people. According to the previous tonality of glory products, glory magicbook will be more user-friendly with high configuration.

In the "tablet / notebook" area of pollen club, netizens expressed their views on glory magic book. Some netizens said in a post that I am looking forward to the glory of magicbook, which is able to integrate tablet, light book, and expand super endurance. Some netizens said that they are looking forward to the glory of magicbook to defeat Shenzhou. From this point of view, users are full of expectations for the performance of glory magicbook.

For glory brand, the release of the first notebook named after glory magicbook will be a unique gift for young people. For users, glory, as the first Internet mobile phone brand, will launch its first notebook product, which is also worth looking forward to. #FormatImgID_ 2#