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It is said that Apple plans to launch a new color iPhone x to boost sales

Netease technology news on March 26, according to 9to5mac, according to the latest report released by the rumored website macotakara, apple is preparing to launch a new color iPhone x to 'boost sales'. Although there are no specific details, this is not the first time we have heard such rumors.

The latest report simply said: 'to boost iPhone x sales, Apple plans to release new color options' as a way to drive extra sales. Unfortunately, the report lacks details about what the specific colors are or when they might be released.

Before the publication of Macotakara's report, Benjamin ·, a well-known designer of iPhone spy photos, claimed that Apple had started producing a iPhone X of the color of Blush Gold (Benjamin Geskin).

In addition, Steve Hemmerstoffer, who runs onleaks twitter account, said Apple is planning to launch red versions of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. However, the information is said to have come from an 'unconfirmed' source, so it may be less certain.

IPhone x currently has two colors to choose from, dark gray and silver, so it can't compete with other iPhone products in terms of color usability.

In addition, macotakara reported that Apple plans to launch its sixth generation iPad in the third quarter of this year. The fifth generation was launched in March last year for $329. According to reports, the new model maintains the same shell and screen size as the current iPad, indicating that it will not use functions such as borderless display.

Apple will hold a field trip in Chicago this week. The new iPad is aimed at schools. The iPad mentioned by macotakara is likely to be launched later this year as an iterative update for the $329 model.