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Talk about Tencent QQ official account of those who are strong terminators in the WeChat era.China o

Tencent's opening up from the media has become the focus of attention from the media. From September 16th to the beginning, the official account of the registered public was launched to the official operation last night. This is a war that no longer has been seen in smoke. This morning, when the mobile phone was opened, it was brushed by the QQ public number of China's first class media, such as surging, Nandu weekly, the Bund pictorial, Tencent fact, &hellip. … Official account: Wwwcom official account is the first batch of people to enter the Internet through the rapid development of the Internet. It is fortunate that the four networks (Xiaobian: the official account number: Wwwcom) were the first to pass the examination. But for many Internet cafes, WeChat may be known only for its public numbers, but little is known about the QQ public numbers. If someone wants to try to be the first to eat crabs, who is the strong terminator of wechat era? We'll see.

QQ official account application page

Perhaps many people don't know what benefits Tencent's open we media has for itself. Today Sihai Xiaobian will tell you.

The high-quality content released by Tencent media open platform account will be recommended to Tencent News client, daily express client,, mini home page and Tencent microblog. It will greatly improve the exposure rate and promotion degree of our published articles, and play an extremely important role in improving the enterprise's popularity and market competitiveness.

The QQ page has added the official account number.

What is the purpose of Tencent's launch of QQ official account?

QQ public platform is an important chess piece for Tencent to enter the market

Wechat public platform is an important chess piece for Tencent to enter the enterprise market. It is the most important layout to link people and enterprises, people and information, people and goods. It is also the consideration of Tencent's commercialization.

Therefore, the reason why QQ launched the public platform is self-evident. It adopts the business model deeply verified by wechat, integrates the QQ group, interest tribe and other user relationships, creates the connection between people and enterprises, people and information, people and services, people and people, and creates its own new business life through the connection.

From the information feedback from the market, WeChat public platform has become a name card for many enterprises to publicize their reputation. So it is a little more orthodox and some rules. The crowd who really lives on the deduction is a 16-25 year old young class. They are concerned about the small meat of tfboys, Li Yifeng and Wu Yifan. So the operation of QQ official account is very important. The official account is consistent with the aesthetic views and opinions of the younger generation. Therefore, the trend of younger business, youth and entertainment is the biggest difference between the QQ official account and the WeChat public number.

Last night, QQ public platform was officially opened for operation. For those lucky people who seize the opportunity, how to operate the content is the most important! Here are some opinions on QQ public operation combined with network information integration. For novices, you can refer to them!

QQ official account for the first batch of applications

Teach you how to run QQ official account? Content is king.

1. The content should be fine, not too much, the user is looking at the quality

There are too many mobile phone models on the market at present, and the screen sizes are uneven. If the number of articles published every day is too many, it will affect the overall reading experience and make users have the psychology of conflict. According to the author's data analysis, a main text with two to three essays is the best effect. A good article can continue to spread in the circle of friends and bring you fans. And if the content itself is not good, no amount of fans will come. Quality decides success or failure, but quantity doesn't matter.

2.qq official account needs to be run in character.

If your QQ official account is just imitating and copying others, it is very difficult to do it. Now is not the era of QQ's Red Sea. We must identify our core values, make the content unique and out of the ordinary.

Tencent official account landing page is almost the same as micro signal login page.

3. The content should not be too long and tedious

The opening speed of graphic information will have a certain impact on the user's reading rate. If there is no special need, the text should be in the range of 800-1200 words, and it is more appropriate to have three pictures. The size of pictures should be controlled below 50K, and the video should not exceed 3 minutes.

4. Taking advantage of the opportunity to spread has become a standard configuration

The hot news repeatedly reported in the media must be the concern of most netizens. We need to find new ways to promote our official account by the hot news.

Finally, the time for publication is also very particular. The 8, 12 and 22 points of daily reading are the peak period. These 3 time points are the best time to issue articles for QQ official account, while garbage time is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. So the user's reading habits directly determine the release time, which is crucial!

Sihai network (official account: Wwwcom )In the last words: in the era of wechat, which is about to collapse, for those wechat operators in the bottleneck period, they urgently need such a new platform to get rid of the current predicament, so whether it is an opportunity to move forward or an elusive abyss, maybe only by trying it can they realize the mystery. In the Internet era, they are not afraid of the difficulties The top shows the true colors of heroes!